History | Grand Time

We build fashion and lifestyle brands. Our team builds and develops brands that embrace change. Through our brands, we bring the timeless truths of youth culture to life. Our brands offer fashion forward, quality watches at an accessible price to meet the growing demands of young consumers. 



We are a family company. In 1950, our 1st generation of family entrepreneurs took a risk and started selling wristwatch bands and smuggled Swiss watches to an untapped market in India. The business eventually moved to Dubai, went legit and the foundation of Grand Time was laid. 

Now based in the USA, we are building on the past and growing a business that combines our roots with our passions. Watch trading has evolved to a renewed focus on brand building and product design. As we look to the future, our vision is to create a house of brands and a culture that will blossom, last and live on for generations to come.

1950Abdul Meghani starts selling watch bands in India. A business is born...
1952Abdul and his brother, Noorali Meghani are smuggling and selling Favre-Leuba and Edox Swiss watches. A little boldness goes a long way.
1968Abdul opens 4 watch retail shops in Dubai. Legitimacy goes a long way too.
1984Abdul's son, Akber Meghani takes on distribution of Casio Watches in Pakistan, becoming the lead distributor in the region.
1990Akber moves to Dallas and begins trading and distributing brand name watches in the Texas region. Times of change.
2005Akber officially starts Grand Time. A new era begins.
2006Akber's son and daughter, Amir and Shabeena join Grand Time. Doubling the employee team.
2008Amir & Shabeena steer the business from watch trading towards own-brand creation.
Grand Time's first brand, JBW is established. A bold step in building a house of brands.
2009Brand #2, Breda ticks to life. Breda's fast fashion style puts a stake in the ground propelling Grand Time to become a leader in the fashion watch space.
2013Amir & Shabeena take the lead at Grand Time. Eyes on the future.
2018JBW celebrates it's 10-year anniversary.
2019BREDA welcomes it's new Creative Director, Kendall Falcon.